The video game powerhouse Activision Blizzard has been making a lot of money for some time thanks to a number of remasters.

We have seen the return of IP like Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawks Pro Skater from Activision’s side, while Blizzard with titles like Warcraft III: Reforged – – that obviously didn’t go down well with the fans.

The company’s latest call for results indicated that more of this “remastered content” is likely to show up at some point this year:

“We have a few other things up our sleeves for remastered content that will be released in due course that should give us more opportunities this year.”

In 2019, Activision said it had a ton of IP that it believed fans would want to relive – referring to the successful resuscitation of Crash and Spyro.

As for Blizzard, recent reports suggest it might be working on one Diablo 2 Remake.

Team-based hero shooter has also been confirmed in related news Overwatch 2 habit publish this year. For more information, see see our previous post.

Which games in the Activision and Blizzard game libraries would you like to see remastered and maybe even make the jump to Switch? Tell us below.

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