From movies to games, you can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment at home these days. However, you may need to subscribe to multiple subscriptions. The solution? With the VPN Unlimited Lifespan + PlayStation Plus This package allows you to unlock amazing content from around the world and enjoy multiplayer games for one flat price. Right now, It’s only $ 49.99 in the XDA Developers Depot.

Whether you’re watching movies or just surfing the web, you probably don’t want companies to look over your shoulder. VPN Unlimited can help become private.

This service, known as PC Mag’s Top VPN, uses military-grade encryption and 500 masking servers to keep your connection secure. This ensures that neither trackers nor hackers can access your data.

VPN Unlimited has servers in 80 countries so you can access regional content on Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, and other top websites. A lifetime subscription includes five devices with unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, and zero protocols.

The other half of it …

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