The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Package Ft. Rosetta Stone
is available before Black Friday with the promotional code SAVE15NOV! The bundle costs $ 169 and includes Rosetta Stone, KeepSolid VPN, and a 12-minute Premium Micro Book Library. You will also receive $ 30 credit with your purchase.

Rosetta Stone is one of the premier tools for learning a new language. Used by millions around the world, Rosetta Stone has brought communities together and made it easier than ever to travel the world.

KeepSolid has developed some of the best security software in the business today, and now you can get your top notch VPN Unlimited as part of this bundle. KeepSolid’s VPN protects you on any public WiFi without bandwidth restrictions or slowdowns. Access your favorite P2P servers, bypass regional restrictions on shows and overcome country censorship with the straightforward VPN manager and user-friendly interface of KeepSolid.

There are too many great books to read, and certainly …

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