Video games can be Fun, art, or both, but mostly they are best when played with friends. However, online gaming can come with privacy concerns. These Bundle of players gives you the tools to protect yourself, hang out with your best friends, and get free games to boot.

The games page gives you one year of PlayStation Plus. While a subscription to the service is required to take advantage of online multiplayer features in your games, PlayStation Plus has a lot more to offer. Every month you get two free PS4 games to play for the duration of your membership. Exclusive store discounts and content are only available to members with 100GB of cloud storage, so you can access and share your game on a friend’s console and loan your games to a friend.

To protect your console and everything else, the bundle includes a lifetime subscription to KeepSolid VPN for up to five different devices. Virtual private networks protect your data by keeping all traffic over a separate …

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