While vaccines are widely used and highly effective, social distancing still applies the smart and safe choice right now. If you want to make your time at home a little more productive, you can S.you get an additional 20% discount on the Lifetime Social Distancing Subscription Package Ft. Rosetta Stone with the coupon ROSETTA20, plus $ 30 credit that you can use in our shop! Here’s what you get to expand your horizons.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has been one of the most effective ways to learn new languages ​​since it was founded in 1992. Each course starts with simple matching lessons to help you understand grammar and vocabulary and moves on to interactive lessons that use speech recognition to improve pronunciation and refine your conversation skills. You will learn to converse, read and write in up to 24 different languages ​​and explore the world from the comfort of your sofa.

12 minute premium microbook library

12min Micro Books gives you a detailed summary of thousands of books either as an eBook or …

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