As we have learned over the past few years, cybersecurity breaches due to “human error” are often the most difficult thing to protect organizations from. According to surveys, around 85% of attacks are due to the human factor. As a result, startups built to fill that void are proliferating – like UK company Cybsafe, which raised $ 7-9 million last year. Dealing with human behavior is clearly one of the hottest new areas for cyber.

The latest addition in this area is SoSafe. The Cologne-based cybersecurity awareness and testing platform has now raised a $ 73 million Series B funding round, led by Highland Europe growth capital fund.

The previous investors Acton Capital and Global Founders Capital were joined by SAP Hybris founder and Celonis advisory board member Carsten Thoma as well as La Famiglia and Adjust founder Christian Henschel as participants.

SoSafe competes with platforms like Knowbe4 (which went public in 2021) and Cofense, which raised $ 58 million for …

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