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Wielding its DNA vaccine and hyFc platform technologies, Genexine is running more clinical programs than any other domestic biotech player. The firm has announced stellar results in its clinical trials for GX-17 +Keytruda combo therapy to treat TNBC. GX-17 is showing potential to treat other kinds of cancer as well. And, Genexine is the first Korean player to begin phase I/II clinical trials for a Covid-19 vaccine—the results are expected to be announced around October.

Boasts two platform technologies

Genexine boasts DNA vaccine and hybrid Fc (hyFc) platform technologies. The firm is developing: 1) vaccines for cervical cancer and Covid-19 based on its DNA vaccine platform; and 2) Erythropoietin (EPO), GX-17 (interleukin-7), and a growth hormone based on its hyFc platform. The firm is also running three late-stage…

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