GE Lighting, a Savant company, is today adding a smart thermostat, temperature sensor, line of security cameras and a box of new lighting products to its smart home lineup. The company also teases that it has many more home smartification gadgets in the pipeline, all of which are linked to the Cync app.

After the company’s lightbulb moment to sell its GE Lighting division to Savant in 2020, the always confusingly named GE Lighting (a Savant company) is continuing its innovation course at CES in Las Vegas with a series of new product announcements in the smart home space under its Cync brand, formerly named by GE C. The naming alone makes me wonder how many names a product / company needs and whether a “Keep it simple” memo has been lost somewhere in the steam pipes under the company headquarters. Fortunately, the range of products is less confusing than its nomenclature, and the new range of products reinforces GE …

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