Gartner predicts widespread adoption of zero trust, but most won’t benefit – virtualization…



Gartner predicts widespread adoption of Zero Trust, but most will not benefit

Research firm Gartner Inc. this week released eight cybersecurity predictions for the next few years, with Zero Trust playing a prominent role.

The company predicted it will be widely adopted in the next few years, but most companies won’t reap the full benefits because the approach requires a cultural shift in thinking and communication. Gartner said companies adopting adoption should “communicate ZT’s business relevance by balancing resiliency with agility.”

zero trust
avoids the usual security approach of shielding IT systems behind a secure network perimeter. It has grown in popularity with the emergence of hybrid working models, the proliferation of endpoints and bring-your-own devices, disparate and interconnected systems spanning clouds and enterprise data centers, and overall complexity. Instead of…

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