GameStop Black Friday sales have begun offering huge savings on digital and physical copies of games, gaming keyboards and headsets at the lowest prices ever. There are even a number of excellent promotions out there that are of great value, whether you’re trying to get hold of a new console or adding to your existing library.

Of course, GameStop isn’t the only place with that The best deals for early Black Friday, so check out our ever-growing range Instructions for Black Friday, as well as our dealer- and brand-specific pages if you want even more great savings.


Xbox All Access is a program that was already offered by Microsoft but represents a unique opportunity for anyone who is still trying to get an Xbox Series X or Series S. This package includes a new console and controller, plus a 24-month subscription to GamePass Ultimate and EA Play. Instead of paying a flat fee, however, you apply for a limited credit line, which essentially turns your new console into a subscription service that you pay off interest-free over 24 months. The total cost for the Series X service is $ 840 ($ 35 per month), while Series S is $ 600 ($ 25 per month).

Full Disclosure: If this all sounds like a credit check, it’s because it basically is. To apply for GamePass, you’ll need to provide your Social Security number and annual income for approval, and even then, it doesn’t guarantee you will get a console. However, from a value standpoint, the deal is solid. In connection with the hardware, all services do not cost more than with individual purchases – the program only offers you the option of paying in installments.

Xbox All Access

As an installment plan from Microsoft and Citizen One, Xbox All Access includes an Xbox console of your choice as well as a 24-month subscription to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass.

For those who prefer to play with a little more paper, GameStop offers one buy two get free listing on any lot Magic the Gathering Products. This offer is valid for bundles, booster packs, gift boxes and commander’s decks as long as they are valid. The prices for these products will stay the same, but this promotion can get you up to $ 42 off, depending on what you buy.

Magic the Gathering

A limited promotion at GameStop is offering Magic the Gathering If you buy two sets, you get one for free. This offer applies to everyone magic Products that you currently have in stock.

We wholeheartedly support Xbox GamePass Ultimate as one of the best values ​​in gaming, and although subscriptions to this great service are often reduced, GameStop currently offers three-month subscriptions for just $ 25. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen so now would be a good time to stock up. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate not only gives you access to a rotating game library for the Xbox console, but also access to the same library on PC and exclusive discounts on any games you choose to keep. This library often also contains titles on the day of publication, including Age of Empires 4, Forza Horizon 5, and so forth – Halo infinite.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (three month subscription)

What’s the use of an Xbox without games? Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers more than 100 titles, including such as Downfall, Hades, and the soon to be released Halo infinitethat you can play on multiple devices.

If you are looking for an Oculus Quest 2, you know that there aren’t many price cuts for this hardware. However, many retailers, including GameStop, are currently including a $ 50 gift card with your purchase. This credit does not count towards your purchase of this VR headset, but is essentially a $ 50 discount that you can use towards future purchases. In their review, Adi Robertson called Quest 2 “the new standard for VR”.

Oculus Quest 2 (256GB) + $ 50 GameStop Gift Card

The Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone virtual reality headset and successor to the original Oculus Quest. It has a sophisticated design, higher resolution displays and a faster processor than its predecessor.

Video game deals

While GameStop has cut tons of games, the biggest deal here has to be discounts on first-party Nintendo titles. Games from the Zelda or Mario Franchises are rarely available for less than full price. What’s even better, this offering extends to digital downloads of these games so you can get them right away. There’s also a solid selection of Xbox and PlayStation titles at deep discounts. Below we have put together a few highlights for each platform, as well as which version the discount applies to. We have only listed prices for new versions of these titles; However, you can often save a little more if you choose to buy it used.

Nintendo switch

Playstation 4

PlayStation 5

Xbox Series X / S

  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is $ 24 (digital): The Assassin’s Creed The series had its ups and downs, but the Nordic flavor Valhalla is a spectacular introduction to this open world franchise.
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection is $ 26 (digital): The value of this collection cannot be overestimated. Even with Halo infinite just around the corner, there is little reason not to pick up this collection of six gloriole Title.
  • Far Cry 6 is $ 40 (digital): The latest edition of the Far away Just because of the presence of Giancarlo Esposito, it is worth taking advantage of the franchise.
  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is $ 28 (digital): If you’ve never experienced this before Mass effect Franchise, we forgive you. However, if you haven’t done so, you can pick up this repackaged collection which includes a tweaked version of the original trilogy and its DLC.

Accessory offers

GameStop also cuts down tons of great peripherals from big names like Razer and Logitech. Whether you need a new keyboard, mouse, or headset, there are several great deals here at the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. GameStop also offers some of these models used here, which means you can save a little more, but we have only linked to new models with the corresponding price information.

Keyboard offers

Razer Huntsman Mini

The Huntsman Mini is Razer’s first 60 percent keyboard. It doesn’t have a number pad or dedicated media controls, but it’s a very compact model that doesn’t take up much desk space.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed TKL

This scaled-down version of the G915 uses a ten-keyless design that eliminates the need for a number pad, but retains the same flat silhouette and wireless connectivity. The G915 TKL can be equipped with click, linear or tactile switches and has RGB backlighting.

Mice offers

Logitech G305 speed of light

The Logitech G305 Lightspeed is a wireless mouse with flair. This lively mouse has six programmable buttons and a 12K DPI sensor. The G305 is also available in a variety of color options and can last up to 240 hours on a single AA battery.

| Image: Razer

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro wireless gaming mouse

The DeathAdder V2 Pro from Razer is a lightweight gaming mouse that is comfortable to use and, with five integrated profiles and an optical 20K DPI sensor, is a good wireless alternative to its wired counterpart.

Headset Deals

Razer Barracuda X

Razer’s latest gaming headset, the Barracuda X, typically costs $ 100 and comes with a USB-C audio transmitter. This makes it an easy choice if you mainly play with a Nintendo Switch on the go or have a PS5. It is also compatible with other platforms via the supplied USB-A adapter.

Razer BlackShark V2

The Razer BlackShark V2 is runner-up in our guide to the best gaming headsets. It is compatible with PCs that have a 3.5mm port or that use the supplied USB sound card, as well as consoles and controllers that have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • A great Xbox-specific wireless gaming headset, the Razer Kaira is natively compatible with the Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One. However, the Bluetooth functionality also makes it easy to connect the headset to your phone, tablet or laptop. It usually costs $ 100, but it has been Reduced to $ 70 at GameStop.
  • The colorful Logitech G335 wired headset is available in black and teal for $ 50 $ 30 off regular MSRP at GameStop.

Controller offers

Xbox wireless controller

Microsoft’s latest Xbox controller has a Share button and a USB-C charging port if you opt for the optional battery.

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