GameStop currently sold PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series consoles online.

The US retailer confirmed stock availability in a message to customers, including Twitter users Wario64.

“A very limited number of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X console packs will be available today – online only – and will be available soon,” it said. “Xbox All Access Series X consoles will be included.

“To increase your chances of success, empty your cart, log into, and get started.

“If you can’t get one, please know that we’ll continue to notify you when more consoles become available.”

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Microsoft almost sent 3.5 million Xbox series X / S consoles in 2020, according to Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at the market research company Niko Partners.

Ahmad made the claim after the release of Sony’s quarterly financial results in February when the platform owner said it shipped 4.5 million PS5s last year.

CEO during Microsoft’s second quarter earnings call for January Satya Nadella asserts The Xbox Series X / S had a record start.

“The Xbox Series X and Series S launches were the most successful in our history, with the most devices ever sold in a launch month,” he said.

Demand for Xbox Series X / S. and PS5 is likely to outperform supply for some time. A Microsoft spokesman recently said the company expected it to Series X / S bottlenecks remain until the second half of 2021.

GameStop sells PS5 and Xbox Series X / S console packs online

consequences “Unprecedented” consumer demand for PS5Sony claimed that the platform had taken up “The Biggest Console Launch Ever”.

Xbox Series X / S in retail stores

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has refused to guarantee that the company will be able to meet PS5 demand until the 2021 Christmas sales season Financial Times that “there are very few wands that can be waved,” although he said so The supply situation will improve in the course of the year.

“It’s getting better every month through 2021,” said Ryan. “The pace of supply chain improvement will accelerate as the year progresses, bringing us to the second half of the year [2021]You will see really decent numbers indeed. “

Sony hopes to ship over 14.8 million PS5s in the next fiscal year, but may struggle to meet the target due to the challenges posed by the global semiconductor shortage.

AMD, which recently made the chips in PS5 and Xbox Series X / S forecast supply problems until the first half of 2021.