Fresh PS5 upgrade comes to select GameStop stores across the country. The retailer has announced that it will offer PS5 restocking in select stores today (December 30th). This will almost certainly be your last chance to get a PS5 in person this year.

GameStop has its. updated Store locator toolwhich you can use to check whether your local dealer is participating in this replenishment. Note that not every GameStop store has a warehouse. So do some research in advance to avoid disappointment. Additionally, this PS5 replenishment is in the store for PowerUp Rewards Pro members only. You can log into GameStop using this link. The news of this increase originally came from the console tracker, Lord Restock.

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This PS5 top-up begins when each individual store opens (which can be as early as 8 a.m. local time) – but expect eager buyers to queue up for the console much earlier, especially as this could be your last chance to get a PS5 Console in 2021.

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