2021 was another good year for role-playing games on PlayStation. Granted, a lot of these were actually PS5 re-releases, but there were still plenty of top quality titles out there.

As decided by Press square Editorial team, these are the best role-playing games of 2021.

Persona 5 Strikers is often mistaken for one Dynasty warriorPersona style spinoff, but actually it’s much, much more. This is a full fledged action RPG that expands the story of the phantom thieves. The story takes place just a few months after the events of Persona 5, and does a surprisingly large amount of work to provide additional character development for each group member. In addition, the fast-paced, but often quite tactical, gameplay is a real home run. A fantastic, typically stylish companion piece to Persona 5.

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GOTY 2021 Best RPG Mass Effect Legendary Edition

One of the most beloved gaming trilogies returned in 2021, and to put it simply, playing through Commander Shepard’s addicting adventures has never felt better. BioWare went way beyond that with this revamped collection, redesigning the game mechanics and adding some welcome graphical enhancements to games that many would refer to as all-time classics. A standout (pardon the pun) experience from top to bottom and one of the most affordable packages of the year.

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GOTY 2021 Best RPG Disco Elysium The Final Cut

With all the praise Disco Elysium has received on other platforms, we couldn’t wait to see what Final Cut was all about on PS5 and PS4. It turns out that this highly addicting RPG is worthy of critical acclaim. No other game from 2021 comes close to pure role-playing mechanics, because Disco Elysium lets you walk a completely unique path through a gripping crime thriller. Choice and consistency are at the forefront of this immersive experience – a truly memorable game.

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GOTY 2021 Best RPG Tales of Arise

We’ve been huge fans of the Tales franchise for what feels like forever, but we believe Tales of Arise is the best of all. Bandai Namco has finally given their RPG house the budget it deserves and the result is an emotional, brilliant, and often breathtaking adventure. With its memorable locations, lovable party members, and rewarding combat system, Tales of Arise is sure to be one of the best Japanese RPG for PS5 and PS4.

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Honorable mentions:

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