During a virtual CES trade fair, I had the opportunity to talk to Samsung about the new phones, but unfortunately – due to pandemics – I couldn’t get my hands on the devices. (I hope these online-only product launches, also used by Apple, don’t last longer than covid-19. Journalists play an important role in reviewing product claims.)

The S21 has a new all-round metal design in the rear left corner. Samsung has added a fourth rear camera to the Ultra model, which allows it to outperform the capabilities of competing iPhones. More on that in a moment.

What impressed me most about the S21 are the steps Samsung has taken to make it just work better – especially some of the more dodgy features it added to previous generations. For example:

  • The fingerprint reader, conveniently located behind the screen, uses a new technology that gives 1.7 times more space so you can smash your finger in the right place.
  • The screen, which looks very smooth with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, …

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