The founder of the social media platform Gab said on Sunday the far-right website suffered a security breach and attacked a group of anti-fascist activists who have begun sharing a treasure trove of company data that they say contain private messages of about 15,000 users.

A radical transparency group, Distributed Denial of Secrets, announced in an announcement Monday that it had acquired a stash of the Gab files given to them by an independent activist hacker whose name is not publicly known. The group said it is restricting the distribution of the data to researchers and journalists because it contains sensitive information and password information. However, the files contained more than 70,000 messages, the majority of which were published in the past few weeks. NBC News has contacted the group and is reviewing the news.

The hack was first reported by Wired.

Gab was launched in 2016 and was one of the first so-called Twitter alternatives to “freedom of speech” that was popular among extremists, right-wing extremists and …

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