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IoT technologies continue to evolve in performance and sophistication. Enterprises are combining cloud-to-edge solutions to connect complex environments and deliver outcomes never before imagined. Over the past eight years, Azure IoT has seen significant growth across many industries including manufacturing, energy, consumer goods, transportation, healthcare, and retail. It has played a leading role in helping clients achieve better results in terms of efficiency, agility and sustainability. In 2021, Gartner positioned Microsoft as Leader in which Gartner Magic Quadrant for industrial IoT platforms for the second time in a row. And Frost and Sullivan called the platform the Global IoT Platform of the Year. As computing becomes more distributed and embedded, this is a great opportunity to unite IoT, edge and hybrid, continuing our forward momentum while doubling our previous investments.

Businesses are committing to IoT to be future-ready

In the face of the pandemic, economic shifts, and the rise of remote working, C-suite and IT leaders have had to rethink what it means for their organization to be “future-ready.” Here are some Azure IoT customer stories and the solutions they have deployed to solve critical business challenges.

  • manufacturing companies like IVentec, a Taiwan-based electronics company, combined 5G, AI and IoT to create scalable smart factories that were so successful that the company began selling the solution to other manufacturing companies. Norway resident TOMRA developed a sensor-based system that can process up to five billion data points per day, enabling faster and more accurate material recycling. monarch fused AI, IoT and programmability to create the “world’s first robotic quarterback” that allows each player on a football team to build specific skills without having to involve an entire roster.
  • energy Vendors also vary in what “future-ready” looks like. XTO energya subsidiary of Exxon Mobile, used Azure IoT to monitor and optimize oil fields. allegory base their rapidly growing EV charging infrastructure on Azure Database as a Service (DBaaS) and know their tools and technology must scale exponentially. AEON built a machine learning and IoT based platform to monitor and redistribute energy across an entire district/city grid to drastically reduce energy consumption. metroscope developed large-scale digital twin solutions for power generation plants that monitor and analyze industrial assets to gain better insights into operations to reduce emissions.
  • consumer Were company like Group Bimbo Increase production speed and efficiency by using sophisticated data analytics to manage all bakery equipment in a factory line via a network of data sensors. keurig dr Pepper used Azure IoT Central to perfect the customer experience at home with highly personalized coffee brewing preferences that feed data to corporate R&D for more focused and faster product development.
  • transport companies like Iberia Express, a major player in the low-cost airline market, used AI to build a loyal customer base through personalized and immediate passenger experiences. Operator of the Italian railway infrastructure Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane combined AI, AR and drone technology to optimize the monitoring of its construction sites.
  • healthcare provider like CAE Healthcare were able to transition from using personal smart patient manikins that mimic a medical patient’s condition to virtual mannequins using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and Azure Functions during Covid, expanding the company’s reach and training capabilities.
  • retail trade companies GetGo and Cooler screens worked together to redesign customer experiences by combining GetGo’s traditional beverage cooler doors with Cooler Screens’ engineered IoT-connected 4K smart screens. The Azure-based solution modernized the refrigerated doors of the busy beverage aisles to accommodate the on-the-go and impulse-driven convenience store buying behavior of consumers.

Visit the Microsoft Industry Blogs for a deeper dive into industry and technology deployments. Microsoft cloud solutions for industries takes a closer look at the cloud platforms available for specific industries and those recently released IoT Signals Report 2022 examines the key trends in IoT adoption in the manufacturing industry.

Microsoft continues to expand its IoT services and support

Microsoft believes in simplifying cloud to edge for our customers. Our platform offers solutions to the challenges of preserving existing investments, solving security problems and managing complex technology environments.

  • Diverse edge and device offerings: Over 7,000 OEMs are currently building Windows IoT Devices such as human-machine interfaces (HMI) for industrial PCs on factory floors, retail point-of-sale, kiosks in transportation, medical devices in healthcare and the growing sector of intelligent building automation.
  • Comprehensive cloud-to-edge security: Controlling and managing increasingly complex environments that span data centers, multiple clouds, and the edge can present a multitude of security challenges. Azure Sphere can securely connect and protect IoT edge devices.
  • Maximizing the Hybrid Environment: To leverage cloud innovation and maximize existing on-premises investments, organizations need an effective hybrid and multicloud strategy. Azure offers a holistic approach to managing, governing, and securing servers and Kubernetes clusters, databases, and apps across on-premises, multicloud, and edge environments Azure Arch, Azure Private Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC)and Azure Stack HCI.
  • End-to-end product portfolio: Microsoft offers a wide range of data ingestion, storage, reporting, and insights services. services like Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Explorer, Azure Digital Twinsand PowerBI Pull information from disparate data streams into powerful dashboards and rich digital models of real-world environments.

The partner ecosystem brings faster innovation

Featuring more than 15,000 industry-leading solutions, apps, and services from Microsoft and partners Azure Marketplace makes it easy to find ready-made, well-structured and Azure-optimized IoT solutions for many industries and use cases. Below are some examples of ready-to-use industrial IoT solutions that help companies improve manufacturing efficiency, energy efficiency and sustainability, and that can provide a faster path to value than a custom solution.

  • sight machine delivers a solution that enables manufacturers to see the impact of problems from the machine down to the enterprise level and down the supply chain. Its streaming data platform converts unstructured plant data into a standardized data basis and continuously analyzes all assets, data sources and processes almost in real time Improve productivity, profitability and sustainability.
  • PTC and their ThingWorx Digital Performance Management (DPM) solution enables manufacturers to do this Increase plant throughput by identifying problems that reduce productivity, cause downtime and/or reduce overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with pinpoint accuracy at the level of individual units, lines, plants or production networks.
  • recording has developed an AI-driven asset performance management solution called Fusion, which enables all departments in an organization to a a single, unified view of all assets in one operation. Additionally, their unified industrial data management solution enables manufacturers to connect machines, people and data to unleash and accelerate AI-enabled industrial intelligence.
  • eMagic Inc. is a specialist in large-scale Industrial IoT and Factory Digital Twin solutions. Your digital twin solution TwinWorX normalizes data from devices, assets, systems and other IoT devices in a unified view to provide situational awareness and command and control of facilities, equipment and processes.
  • ICONS offers intelligent building automation solutions that integrates traditional building management systems, modern sensors and end-user productivity tools Collect and analyze real-time information from any application on any device, from single buildings to global enterprises.

Start your migration to Azure IoT

Certified Microsoft partners with experience in IoT solutions, analytics and applications are ready to support you in your migration projects. programs like fast trackwith expert Azure support, can also help accelerate your cloud deployments while minimizing risk.

For companies in America, Xoriant, insight, hitachi, NTT, mesh systemsand Kyndryl are certified Azure migration partners. Companies based in Europe and Asia can contact us Knowing, HCL, Capgemini, Infosysor code. Ingram Micro and TD Synnex can support SMBs and ISVs in planning migrations.

The future of IoT and the cloud

The future development of the IoT plays a key role in a larger technology investment – ​​the industrial metaverse. Azure is already bringing the physical and digital worlds together digital twins. The 2022 Microsoft Build included “From the Edge to the Metaverse, how IoT powers it all‘ to provide an in-depth look at how businesses can use Azure intelligent technologies to create value.

Learn more

At Microsoft, we look forward to hearing from you and becoming your strategic partner. Contact our migration partners listed above, browse the Azure Marketplace for the right solution for your use cases or do an in-depth technical study in the Azure Internet of Things (IoT) Collection.

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