The Mogao Grottoes, which can look back on a brilliant history of several millennia, are located in Dunhuang at the western end of the Hexi Corridor.

In this treasure trove of civilization, architecture, painted sculptures and paintings are integrated in an exquisite and magnificent way. Unlike museum collections, which are carefully maintained in a constant environment, the murals in these caves have been exposed to wind and sand for millennia.

Every generation has guarded and protected the Mogao caves. Since 2006 Assoc. Prof. Prof. DONG Yabo, Deputy Director of the Artificial Intelligence Institute at Zhejiang University Faculty of Computer Science and Technologyhas become one of the guards. He has installed an environmental monitoring system to record the “warm and cold marks” of works of art, which allows heritage conservation experts to “prescribe a better cure.”

Conservation challenge

Murals in Dunhuang represent boldness, strength and visitors …


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