By 2025, cloud computing will lead the market for ICT infrastructures and edge computing will become an exponentially growing market, according to the new study by Reply “From the cloud to the edge”Made possible by Reply’s proprietary data-driven Trend SONAR platform and the support of the Teknowlogy Group.

The study examines the use of cloud computing and edge computing technologies in the clusters “Europe-5” (Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium) and “Big-5” (USA, Great Britain, Brazil, China, India) to understand the evolution of the market.

Over the next 5 five years Edge computing will be an exponentially growing market in all “Europe 5” and “Big 5” cluster countries. Germany will be the largest European market for cloud computing and edge computing. The US will be the dominant market worldwide.

The increasing use of IoT solutions, the closer combination of information technology and operating technology and the integration of industrial control systems into the …

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