The acceptance of clouds in India is increasing. We are witnessing the mass migration of companies to the cloud after the pandemic. The influx of technologies like AI, IoT and AR / VR, as well as companies moving to a data-driven operating model, have contributed to the cloud exodes. According to global data reportIndia’s total investment in cloud computing is projected to reach $ 16.5 billion by 2024 Career, cloud computing bursting with potential.

We have compiled a list of free online resources How to start your career in cloud computing:

Learn from Amazon

From AWS

Over: Cloud giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a variety of cloud computing courses including AWS Cloud Practioner Essentials, Getting Started with Cloud Capture, AWS Technical Essentials, AWS Cloud Financial Management for Builders, etc. The courses are suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals .

Learn more about the courses Here.

Cloud computing

From Eduonix

Over: The course is best suited for …

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