Fred Voccola Discusses Acquisition Strategy How Kaseya Supports Partners


Day three of the conference featured a variety of keynotes and breakouts, as well as an opportunity to sit down with the CEO.

KASEYA CONNECT IT GLOBAL — Day 3 of Kaseya’s Connect IT Global conference featured blueprints (from security to peer groups to compliance).

Gary Pica, President, TruMethods, Kaseya, taught the audience how to unleash “the power” of the peer. Robin Robins, CEO and Founder, Technology Marketing Toolkit, gave attendees the framework for the ultimate MSP marketing plan. Max Pruger, General Manager, Compliance, Kaseya, trained attendees on how to identify hidden security risks and best practices for vulnerability management. Jason Manar, CISO, Kaseya, discussed timely and actionable items companies can and should do to prepare for any incident – including incident response plans, business continuity, disaster recovery, and other topics.

Sitting with the CEO

Channel Futures met with Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya conference to dig a little deeper into some of the intricacies of his opening speech the previous day. These are the product updates and launches that are happening or upcoming, how Kaseya supports partners, and the company’s acquisition strategy (including the snapshot of… you guessed it… date).

Kaseya’s Fred Voccola

The first and probably the most obvious point has to do with integrating an ecosystem like Datto’s. Since the partner mood is a little less “we’re upside down” than it was in April, we still want to know… how? Why? What is the general acquisition strategy?

“It’s pretty easy. We want to provide a platform that addresses the unique issues that MSPs face,” said Voccola. There are four big ones. One of them is that they all suffer from vendor fatigue. Second, all of the products that the vendors use are not automated together. As a result, technicians are not particularly efficient. The third is that most software users generally only access 15% to 20% of their products’ features because there are so many. Of course, this reduces efficiency. And finally, things are exorbitantly expensive. So why do we keep acquiring technology? We buy the best in each category of what these MSPs need to do and we integrate them together.”

All acquisitions

Voccola pointed to Kaseyas IT complete solutionwhich aims to make MSPs more efficient, profitable and able to drive effective services despite the above challenges.

“We’re acquiring these companies/technology because, to put it simply, complete IT has to be… complete,” adds Voccola. “So we need to have functionality for any type of managed service that an MSP needs to provide for their clients and enable the functionality for the MSP to run it own Business.”

In relation to Datto in particular, Voccola has highlighted that employment motives from pretty much every angle. But in this chat he put it in simple terms. The brand is amazing. And Kaseya plans to keep it that way.

“Datto, the name, the brand… we always do what we believe in. We strive to keep those brands,” Voccola said. “Why are we doing this? Because it prevents both internal employees and customers from thinking, “Oh, well, Datto is gone.” Not the case. We are a melting pot; We take the best of everything we buy and plug it in. So Datto makes Kaseya better, Kaseya makes Datto better. That’s what we do. And the other reason is because we can and should. We believe we can offer our customers much more value.”

Voccola emphasized that Kaseya is committed to implementing this strategy. The strategy is everything.

product updates

At the risk of only focusing on the (ahem) acquisition of the year, Channel Futures also asked which of the many product updates from the Kaseya companies Voccola is most excited about. The answer is named after a four-pawed furry bark bundle that goes by the name of Cooper.

For context, inside KaseyaOne, the Cooper AI Engine is the technology behind Cooper’s Insights. These insights aim to help partners get the most out of their own Kaseya modules.

“Cooper touches every single module of IT Complete,” said Voccola. “I will give an analogy. Everyone uses Excel; Each of your readers knows Excel. Excel can help you build a house, it can teach you how to speak French in a week if you want. But how many know that? How many people use the full power of Excel? A percent maybe? All these BI tools out there – companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on business intelligence tools, while Excel can do 75% to 90% of them for far less money. For a 100% of the cost. A tool like Cooper is so powerful. There are so many implications to transforming the life of the overworked MSP technician.”

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