Dominion Voting Systems, one of the largest manufacturers of voting machines in the United States and the subject of false conspiracy theories of conservative numbers, has sued Fox News for $ 1.6 billion.

The lawsuit highlights the number of times Fox News segments made false claims that Dominion gear was being used to manipulate the 2020 election, that it was tied to the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, or that it paid out US government officials.

“Fox took a small flame and turned it into a forest fire,” reads the 441-page lawsuit. “As the dominant media company among viewers unhappy with the election results, Fox gave these fictions a meaning they would never have achieved otherwise. With Fox’s global platform, an audience of hundreds of millions, and the inevitable and widespread republication and diffusion of the falsehoods via social media, these lies have deeply damaged Dominion’s once thriving business. “

A Fox spokesperson said in an email, “FOX News …

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