Fortnites The great event at the end of the chapter has just ended, and it was a great event. After an all-out war against UFOs, zombies and the Queen of the Dice, players were rescued on a rescue mission led by Dwayne Johnson. (Well, his pawn.) Then the island turned.

The event

Let’s go back a little. The final season of the game was all about the dice, and right as the event loaded, a mysterious giant blue cube appeared on the map next to all the players in my lobby. Jumping onto the cube bounced the player away, but otherwise it didn’t do anything but appear threatening. We could also see the Cube Queen in the distance, who has been floating in an energy ball over the center of the island for part of the season.

Hello, blue cube.
Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Rand

The Cube Queen hovers ominously in the distance.
Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Rand

When the countdown clock reached 10 minutes, the dice queen’s evil laugh echoed across the island and zombies began to spawn in front of our base. Fortunately, weapons were added to every inventory so players would work to fend off the incoming zombie troops (although the zombies didn’t seem to pose a real threat).

Stay back!
Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Rand

When the clock reached zero, an alarm rang over the island and the Pyramid of the Dice Queen shone brightly. It sent a beam into the sky that opened a huge portal that revealed a horde of huge UFOs. During the game seventh season, the island was in the shadow of only one UFO; the dice queen had brought an army with her.

UFOs and zombies were approaching the blue cube as players tried to fend them off. But the battle didn’t seem to be winning, and things got worse when a UFO blew up the blue cube.

Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Rand

After that, the event took an interesting turn, shifting the perspective beneath the surface of the island into a CGI cutscene. (It was like Netflix did a Fourteen days TV show.) The game’s main character, Agent Jones, was strapped to a lab chair with a device on his head, and Doctor Slone, who betrayed the player at the end of last season, appeared to be on the verge of ending Jones’s life. Then a hulking character named The Foundation stormed in to save the day – and he took off his mask to show he was being played by: as expected, none other than Dwayne Johnson.

When Jones and The Foundation tried to get to safety, two other characters dressed similarly to The Foundation rescued players on the surface and took them to the inner island. The players were then given control to follow someone named The Scientist to get to Jones and the Foundation. But during the escape, the island gradually began to tip over.

The island was slowly beginning to tip over.
Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Rand

Eventually, the players made it to Jones and The Foundation at Zero Point (essentially a large ball of energy that’s a key plot point in Fourteen days). The scientist reassured everyone that we were safe, but then one of the giant zombies smashed a window, causing water to pour in and we were all forced out.

Soon my character appeared and watched the island slowly tip up to be completely vertical and then fall the other way. That shattered the dice queen, which caused the huge portal to close with the UFOs. Then the island turned around completely, revealing a whole new landscape. From a distance you could see some of the new areas to explore, but a tidal wave quickly swept my player out to sea.

When is Fortnite coming back?

Just me and the open water.
Screenshot: Jay Peters / The Rand

Now, Fourteen days only shows my player at sea on an empty log. I can’t move, and apart from me, my log, and the vast open ocean, there’s hardly anything on the screen. It all reminds you of that blahC.k hole who bridged the transition between chapters 1 and 2.

There’s no timer or any kind of hint as to when Chapter 3 might be playable. But when you have a little taste of what’s to come a leaked trailer seems to have spoiled much of what you can expect.

This chapter, published in October 2019 after a several days of downtime with the black hole, pushed Fortnites growing narrative ambitions with events with First person storytelling, an arcade shooter against a marvel villain, an exciting one Single player event to try to stabilize reality, and even a mission inside an alien mothership full of cubes. The Chapter 2 Closing Event took things one more step forward, and now we’ll have to wait and see what Epic has in store for Chapter 3.

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