Epic Games is currently dealing with a massive problem in Fourteen days as they took the game offline to resolve matchmaking issues. As with many video games with online content, they saw a deluge of gamers at any time of the day during the holidays. This time of year is usually filled with people who aren’t very busy, combined with the snow outside, the pandemic, free time from work and school and a host of other things, playing with people in serves is basically what do for many the last two weeks of the year. But companies usually plan the usual attention spurt in advance, and while there are occasional issues, it’s rare to see a game just go offline. It’s not so much the case with Epic Games today, because at the time of writing this article, the game has been offline for over five hours.

Credit: Epic Games

The news of the failure came first from the game official Status of Twitter channelto let people know, “We’re investigating login, matchmaking, and other issues. We’ll let you know when the issues are resolved.” The team gave updates every few hours, the last one being “We’re still working on a fix that will bring us” Fourteen days back online and appreciate everyone’s patience. Fourteen days Game servers are currently offline while we are investigating a solution to stability issues and we will provide another update as more information becomes available. “

It’s not the first time the game has been out for an unplanned period of time, but typically those outages have only lasted an hour or two. It is a rare occurrence to see it for this long and could be part of a bigger problem that we are not aware of. Especially with a month of AWS problems in the US. We will keep an eye on things and see how it plays out as the day progresses.

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