It’s almost hard to remember Nintendo was in such a good place just a few years ago. After the Switch became a huge hit since its release in 2017, Nintendo has been one of the most successful companies in the video game industry. If the Switch had been different, however, it might have been a very different time for those at Nintendo.

In a new conversation with the New York Gaming Awards Reggie Fils-AimeThe former president of Nintendo of America said the Switch was one of his proudest accomplishments during his time with publishers. “I think what Nintendo did to the Switch after the poor performance of Wii UI think to myself and what I was, that’s my lasting memory, ”said Fils-Aime.

The beloved former president went on to talk about the dire reaction to the Wii U, the console before the Switch, and how it was one of the worst performing devices in Nintendo’s history. Fils-Aime specifically described it as a console that “performed pretty radically below average in the marketplace”. Because of this, the subsequent release of the Switch was all the more important.

Fils-Aime went so far as to say that the publication and the need for success with the Nintendo Switch was something the entire company may have depended on. “And if your only business is video games, the next one to be successful, and the Switch continues to be a dynamic platform – that sells exceptionally well,” said Fils-Aime. “Along with so many other things I’ve been involved in, the Switch has really been a branded product for the company, and luckily, a hit.”

It’s not a huge shock to hear Fils-Aime talk about how important the Switch was to Nintendo, but it’s a good reminder of how quickly things have changed for the console maker. It would have been interesting to see what the world-renowned video game publisher would have done if the Switch hadn’t sold so well, but that’s a reality we never have to see.

How do you feel about the Nintendo Switch almost four years after its release? Is it a console that you play a lot? Let me know your own thoughts either in the comment section or on twitter below @ MooreMan12.

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