Malware on Windows devices has become a real problem in recent years, especially with a recent surge in ransomware. It seems that Microsoft tried to combat this problem with updates to Microsoft Defender so that it has more teeth than ever before. But what if Microsoft is also part of the problem?

On Friday, cybersecurity researcher TheAnalyst explained on Twitter how the BazarLoader malware leads to ransomware that can seriously affect healthcare, among other things. He then called Microsoft and asked if the company “has any responsibility if they host hundreds of KNOW-HOW TO LIVE files that lead to it” along with a picture of seemingly malicious files hosted on OneDrive.

bazar Microsoft hosts malware on Office365 and Onedrive

To back this up, former Microsoft security analyst Kevin Beaumont responded, saying that Microsoft cannot call himself a security leader due to the years of abuse of Office365 and OneDrive. He went on to explain that things were of …

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