Hardik Bhatt, former CIO of Illinois, left his position at Amazon Web Services (AWS) to join IT managed services provider SDI Presence.

Bhatt – who did it? Government technology Top 25 Makers, Dreamers and Drivers Listed in 2007 – Becomes President and Chief Growth Officer of SDI Presence, which has a significant presence in the public sector with a particular focus on airports, transportation and utilities In addition to providing managed services such as cybersecurity, network technology and project management, the company is also a consulting company.

It is headquartered in Chicago, where Bhatt lives.

“With more than 20 years of government technology experience and a proven track record as a catalyst for growth, Hardik is a great addition to the SDI leadership team and we are thrilled to have him join,” said David Gupta, CEO of SDI Presence, in a Press release. “Hardik has the vision and proven experience to make our …

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