Former AWS engineer found guilty of wire fraud and computer burglary in 2019…


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A former Amazon Web Services engineer accused of a massive hack in 2019 was found guilty of seven federal felonies in Seattle’s U.S. District Court on Friday.

Prosecutors showed how Paige Thompson created a tool that identified misconfigured AWS accounts and used them to access data from more than 30 companies, including Capital One, an AWS customer. More than 100 million Capital One customers were affected. It was one of the largest breaches of a major financial service.

A jury found that Thompson violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which drew attention last month after the Justice Department revised its guidelines on indictments under the act, saying “good faith security research should not be indicted.”

Thompson was found guilty of wire fraud, five counts of unauthorized access to a protected computer, and damaging a protected computer. It used the illegal access to generate revenue from cryptocurrency mining software that…

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