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This week, amid an uproar over sexist passages in his memoir that were shot back at the tech giant, calling the company’s statements about his firing “defamatory and categorically false”.

Apple said Wednesday it had separated with Antonio García Martínez, who was hired about a month ago to work on advertising platforms. His departure followed complaints from some Apple employees about sexist and misogynistic passages in a memoir Mr García Martínez wrote about his time with


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“At Apple, we’ve always strived to create an inclusive, welcoming workplace where everyone is respected and accepted. Behaviors that degrade or discriminate people for who they are have no place here, ”said the iPhone manufacturer.

However, Mr. García Martínez denied Apple’s version of the events. “I have not parted with Apple. I was fired from Apple in a quick decision, ”he wrote on his Verified account


Account Friday. “Apple made a statement that clearly implied that I behaved negatively during my time at Apple. That is defamatory and categorically wrong. “

In a passage from his book Chaos Monkeys, which was marketed as non-fiction, García Martínez wrote: “Most women in the Bay Area are soft and weak, spoiled and naive, despite their claims of worldliness and generally full of shit. ”

In an interview on Friday following his tweets, 45-year-old García Martínez said Apple was aware of his book before hiring him and the company recruited and checked him with his references and asked them questions about the things he was in wrote his book and whether that was his real person.

“This book is not me now, it wasn’t even me then,” he said. “To be honest, there was a literary person. I tried to create a style in my naive, first-time way, which in retrospect I think was a mistake and which I very much regret. “

Earlier this week, some Apple employees shared their dissatisfaction with his hiring, including in a letter to Apple executive Eddy Cue, who oversees Internet software and services and requests an investigation into García Martínez’s hiring.

Apple said Mr. García Martínez was no longer with the company after technology news site Verge reported the letter.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Mr García Martínez’s tweets on Friday.

“I’ve changed my life for Apple,” he wrote on Twitter. “I sold my WA residence, which I built with my own hands, moved, ceased all public media exposure and future writing efforts, and decided to build my career at Apple for years to come.”

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