Former Amazon employee convicted of stealing data from more than 100 million people


SEATTLE — A former Amazon Web Services engineer was found Friday guilty of stealing data from more than 100 million people when she hacked Capital One three years ago.

Paige Thompson, who worked for the software giant until 2016, was convicted on Friday of seven federal crimes, including wire fraud, illegal access to a protected computer and damaging a protected computer, CNBC reported.

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While the wire fraud conviction carries up to 20 years in prison, the landlord’s two counts carry up to five years in prison each.

According to a press release from the Western District of the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, the jury found Thompson not guilty of aggravated identity theft and access device fraud. The panel deliberated for 10 hours.

Prosecutors argued in court that Thompson developed a tool to look for misconfigured AWS accounts, which she used to hack into the accounts of more than 30 Amazon customers, including Capital One. In addition to…

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