FlexBooker Announces Data Breach, Over 3.7 Million Accounts Affected


FlexiBooker Announces Data Breach, Over 3.7 Million Accounts Affected

Accounts of more than three million users of the US scheduling service FlexBooker were stolen in an attack before the holidays and are now traded in hacker forums.

The same intruders offer databases that allegedly came from two other companies: the racing media organization Racing.com and the Redbourne Group’s rediCASE case management software, both from Australia.

Violations before vacation

All three violations allegedly occurred a few days before Christmas and the intruder posted the data on a hacker forum.

The latest data dump appears to be from FlexBooker, a popular tool for scheduling appointments and synchronizing staff calendars.

FlexBooker’s clients include business owners who need to make appointments, accountants, hairdressers, doctors, mechanics, lawyers, dentists, gyms, salons, therapists, trainers, spas and the list goes on.

The allegation of the attack appears to be from a group called the Uawrongteam who …


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