Julia meets regularly with her supervisor Leo. Your interactions have the intimate sweetness of similar relationships The American, and just like the older Russians on this show, it borders on the twilight. “Sometimes Julia thought Leo was going out of his mind,” Wang writes as he “shares random confidentialities about various deficiencies in the SPB, such as trying to implant Scottish folds with eavesdropping devices that are only for the daughter of a Japanese executive Cats are disappearing in the streets of Osaka (“Our animals also want to migrate”). “

His understanding of intelligence is out of date, and it’s an interesting reminder of how hard it is to make a spy story now that communication is ubiquitous and continuous. Gone are the clunkers and craft of the dead drop or mid-century book code, and in its place is the delicate interpersonal dance that is now considered information security. Violations result from emotional incontinence: PR disaster hits …

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