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Well that Windows 11 is out, the tedious process of fixing the errors of the new operating system can begin. The operating system received its first Patch Tuesday update earlier this week, and now another update is being rolled out to Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels. It fixes a long list of early problems with Windows11.

The headlining here is a fix for a problem with the L3 cache latency on AMD Ryzen processors. According to AMD, the bug can reduce performance by 3 to 5 percent. The Windows 11 update released earlier this week could actually have made the problem worse, but at least a solution is imminent.

The L3 latency error is one of two issues AMD identified with Windows 11 earlier this month. The other Windows 11 problem identified by AMD, which can prevent high core count, high performance Ryzen chips from properly assigning work to the fastest single cores of the processor, is being addressed by an AMD driver update.

The “Release Preview Insider” channel is usually the last stop for a Windows update before it is publicly distributed. A post shared on Reddit suggests that the Windows update should be released on Tuesday, October 19th, while the AMD driver update for the other issue should be released two days later, on the 21st.

Other bugs fixed in the Windows 11 update include one that prevented some upgraders from seeing the new taskbar or using the Start menu, a PowerShell bug that can fill a storage volume with “an infinite number of subdirectories” if you trying to move a file directory to its own child directory and a number of issues that can lead to freezes, crashes, and slowdowns.

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