PRChat is one of the world’s leading virtual platforms for 3D avatars, but no one is perfect, including VRChat. There are a number of complaints that VRChat won’t load or its slow load time is upsetting to players. In this article, we wrote solutions to fix this problem.

Why is VRChat not responding?

The most common factor that can cause VRChat to not respond is some type of network problem. Your internet may be slow, or you have a network, or there may be a problem. Apart from that, your firewall may block VRChat from working after it is mistakenly identified as a virus. The solution to the problem in this case is quite simple, and you will see why. Outdated graphics drivers are almost the third factor. Enabled IPv6 also contributes to problems such as: VRChat is not responding, connection to VRChat is not possible or VRChat will not load.

VRChat is loading or not working on a Windows PC

If VRChat is not responding, starting, opening, working or loading, or if you cannot …

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