NASHVILLE, Tn. – The army Project convergence 21 This fall’s experiment at Yuma Proving Ground provided the service’s cross-functional team leader with five key insights, from the importance of a data structure to the need for a shared operational picture to support future work.

Brig. General Jeth Rey said during a presentation at the Army’s Technical Exchange Meeting here on December 2nd that the first realization was the need for a data structure that connects different systems and technologies for a smoother flow of information.

“Without a data fabric, we would not have been able to achieve what we achieved on PC 21 with Sensor to Shooter,” said Rey. “That’s why I told the team that sooner rather than later we would have to look for a data structure. I have also stated that this will also be achieved. ”Common all-domain command and control.

Second, Rey said this year’s event saw a significant improvement in coverage from robust broadband satellite communications. The…


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