Five stories that rocked the company in 2021 – TechCrunch


There is often the misconception that the company’s coverage is a little bland compared to the consumer side of the house, but having followed the space for a couple of decades now, I can tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

For one thing, there’s a lot of money in the company, such as the fact that Oracle bought Cerner for $ 28 billion last week and shook up the healthcare industry, or UiPath, which went from an obscure startup to an RPA juggernaut at the beginning of the year $ 35 billion moved before it fell behind shortly after it went public.

There is intrigue, such as activist investors trying to force companies into moves they normally wouldn’t, and battles for control of the board of directors like we saw at Box this year.

There’s drama like the three-year battle between the world’s largest enterprise cloud infrastructure companies for the US Department of Defense’s $ 10 billion JEDI cloud contract, a procurement process that spanned from lawsuits to repeated .. .


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