Five pitfalls to avoid when migrating to the cloud


A few years ago, cloud computing was considered a luxury—an option that gave companies better access to resources, lower overhead, and fewer worries for CTOs. However, the pandemic has put this transition into overdrive, and the on-demand availability of computing resources has become a necessity for all businesses.

The benefits of cloud computing are easy to see (figuratively)

Monthly overhead savings and proactive disaster recovery planning could save your business thousands of dollars a year. Moving to the cloud means you don’t have to reserve space on a physical server. You only pay for the resources you need and scaling up is seamless. All your data is regularly backed up. Because multiple people can access the same tools at the same time, you foster better collaboration and inspire productive engagement in your team—whether in the office or working remotely.

Harnessing the power of cloud computing isn’t always easy. It takes comprehensive…

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