There is no doubt that 2020 will be remembered as a year that accelerated technological change in the world of work. Companies that have been forced out of their comfort zones have adopted, or better yet, embraced technologies they may have previously ignored.

So says Matt Wright, CTO of BlueSky, a provider of cloud technology solutions.

“According to the latest Report “Cloud in Africa”Cloud technology has been critical for businesses to cope with the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The most common uses of the cloud included disaster recovery (91%), remote working (82%), and customer service activities (52%). “

The providers thriving in 2021 will not be the ones who keep their ecosystems closed, but the ones who have bridges to other providers’ services.

Matt Wright, CTO of BlueSky.

A few years ago, organizations might not have been able to weather these difficult times as effectively. In 2013 only 50% of the companies were in SA, Kenya and …


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