Eighteen months ago, Phil Cleary met a new customer. The billionaire had just survived a brutal home invasion in which a group of criminals beat him up to find out where he kept an expensive watch. The thieves had seen it in a magazine and decided to steal it.

They bypassed his existing cameras and climbed a wall on his 30 hectare estate without alerting the security guards on site. The customer “was very, very lucky to survive,” Cleary says, and he wanted to make his home impregnable.

Cleary suggested Daleks. Don’t look at the villains Doctor Who rather a fleet of miniature robots with CCTV function that look aggressive and remind him of the science fiction mutants. These battery-operated guards are positioned at strategic intervals around the perimeter and patrol their area around the clock; they are not so prepared to exterminate them as they are to intimidate them.

Cleary’s robots sit motionless until their attention is drawn to an unexpected movement. Then they swing in …

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