Winner interview of the IW Specialist Investment Awards: First Trust Cloud Computing UCITS ETF

First Trust’s Cloud Computing UCITS ETF was the winner of the Best Specialist Technology ETF category at the Investment Week Specialist Investment Awards 2020.

The judges said the ETF provides a good look at an exciting subset of technologies, noting that the ability for workers to work from home is a strong support for cloud computing.

Here we talk to First Trust about the reasons for introducing the ETF, why cloud computing is the next chapter in innovation in the digital age, and how the vehicle is within the group’s greater reach.

Why did you launch the First Trust Cloud Computing UCITS ETF and what would you like to offer investors? How could the ETF fit into their portfolios?

First Trust has always been a pioneer in thematic investing, providing investors with access to some of the biggest global megatrends since 2006.

The cloud computing theme …


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