A massive fire destroyed Gruber Motors’ main workshop in Phoenix, Arizona early Saturday morning, destroying more than 30 of the first generation Tesla Roadster electric sports car.

According to an early analysis by the fire inspectors, the cause has been narrowed down to an electrical panel failure, which is being investigated, the company’s CEO Peter Gruber said in a statement.

“Together with the entire Tesla community, we mourn the loss of over 30 Teslas who perished in our business, which is dedicated to the normal maintenance and rescue of hundreds of these rare and dying types of first-generation electric vehicles.”

Gruber also said that he had personally contacted each of the owners affected by the fire to inform them of the incident, adding that he had also reached out to the owners of the survivors Tesla Roadster.

“In conversations with each of you, I am repeatedly reminded of how much these cars are valued, how much they mean to you and what special place they occupy in automotive history. You all have my sincere apologies and I feel your pain as I also lost three in this mishap. I wish it was different. “

Gruber Motors is badly hit by a fire for the second time since the fire Event in May 2017 when 5 Tesla Roadsters and an AC-powered tZero vehicle were lost. The CEO says the event will be a painful reminder of the intensity of the lithium-ion battery fires.

“As with a previous fire in May 2017, this fire once again consumed the entire building and all of its contents, illustrating the powerful nature of lithium-ion vehicles once they ignite.”

Gruber Motors is an independent service center that specializes in fixing the “bricking” problems of some early Tesla Roadster vehicles whose batteries have become unusable. Tesla was unable to fix it and recommended a full battery change instead.

Peter Gruber has developed a more cost-effective system to Identify a dead cell or module and replace only that one to get the Tesla Roadster back on the road.

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