Financial forces rule on Amazon case


A US District Court judge has resigned from a long-running Amazon civil case after a news article revealed his family-owned shares in the retail giant.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday (January 12), during his nearly two-year tenure, Judge Liam O’Grady ruled in Amazon’s favor in the case, which centers on the company’s allegation that two former employees made payments of a real accepted real estate developers and violated Amazon’s conflicts of interest policies.

Last month, O’Grady apparently informed the parties of a possible conflict of his own: that his wife owned around $22,000 worth of Amazon stock. When the Journal questioned the judge about the shares, his wife sold her shares.

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The judge denied knowing his wife owned any shares in Amazon and said he was reluctant to resign because his wife no longer owned the shares and the defendants had shown no evidence of bias towards the company…


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