Finance Colombia Executive Roundtable Held by Microsoft and Unisys in Bogotá Uncovers Digital Transformation Keys to Success

Technology executives from some of the most important companies in Colombia met in Bogotá last week to discuss the achievements and challenges migrations to a cloud-based IT infrastructure. The meeting was sponsored by Microsoft and Unisys in collaboration with Finance Colombia and the professional services firm, Unido Digital.

The guest executives, primarily from the financial, travel and business services sectors, focused the discussion on the importance of corporate culture when it comes to cloud adoption. Some Latin American companies have earned a reputation for being laggards rather than leaders when it comes to IT innovation, but the executives in attendance demonstrated that this is not always the case.

“A large number of collaborators from diverse sectors worldwide, believe that Artificial Intelligence will benefit their work environment in the next five years”, according to the New Digital Workplace Research.

The participants exposed the challenges they often face when presenting their value proposition to traditional-minded colleagues who are not up to date on best IT infrastructure practices. Executives pointed out that cloud infrastructures are now safer but require better implementation practices and an extreme security approach. Where Microsoft has established itself as a leader in the cloud Platform as a Service (Paas) and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), Unisys has taken the leadership position in enterprise security, especially in sensitive industries such as banking, insurance, and even defense.

The commitment of Unisys to digital transformation in its enterprise and government clients motivated a study that monitors the progress in innovation for workplaces. The study led to an index that analyzes how technology is being used today in this area and explores expectations through the eyes of employees rather than decision makers. Research shows that biometrics and artificial intelligence -AI when properly implemented can lead to a safer and smarter workplace, with this having a positive impact on employee engagement and job satisfaction.

According to the World Economic Forum, AI has the potential to contribute to the economic growth of a country and the Unisys study “Digital Transformation in the Work Environment” backs this up. Many collaborators from all sectors worldwide, believe that AI will benefit their work environment in the next five years. Other data indicates that 47% of people working in the digital area are concerned about their internet security, 45% use their own smartphone in the office and 61% are sharing accounts and passwords with colleagues.

Colombia’s research concludes that those who perceive their employer as an innovator in technology feel positive in relation to their work and devices are the most tangible way to measure how innovative their environment is.

To identify a path for digital maturity aligned to real needs, to start internally to make changes, to ensure that IT support is synonymous with access, to choose the cloud that increases the productivity of the company and to continue with a reliable technology partner are key according to the experts for a successful digital transformation.


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