At this year’s VeeamON, the backup software manufacturer announced a real blast: Veeam will support Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) in the future. Experience shows that Veeam has always been very careful and conservative in linking its flagship product Backup & Replication with other hypervisors. VMware was there from the start, and Hyper-V was added later. With Nutanix AHV it took longer – and with Citrix Hypervisor the decision was made against it at the time. A fourth hypervisor is only now being added with RHV.

Veeam showed some technical details at the conference. RHV virtual machines should be secured agentless and resident in known Veeam repositories. Michael Cade also referred in an interview with iX to AHV from Nutanix, where a KVM variant is also used, as is the case with RHV from Red Hat. According to Cade, the greatest challenge at RHV would be to develop its own CBT (Changed …

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