FIN7, a financially motivated Russian hacker group, has set up a fake company to trick ignorant IT professionals into helping them expand further into ransomware, security researchers have found.

According to researchers at Recorded Future’s Gemini Advisory unit, FIN7 – known for hacking cash registers and stealing millions of $ 1 billion in credit cards – is now operating under the guise of Bastion Secure, which claims to offer a specialized public sector Cybersecurity services.

Bastion Secure’s website looks real. However, the investigation found that FIN7 uses real, publicly available information from existing, legitimate cybersecurity companies – phone numbers, office locations, and text from real websites – to create a veil of legitimacy. Bastion’s website claims that it was named “Best Managed Security Service” at the 2016 SC Magazine Awards and that the fake company’s advisory arm was acquired by Six Degrees in 2016 …

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