A group of related film production outfits, including Voltage Pictures and Millennium Funding, have taken legal action against key pirate players in recent years.

The makers of films like “Hunter Killer”, “Automata” and “I Feel Pretty” were looking for individual file sharers, apps like Popcorn Time and Showbox as well as pirate sites like YTS.

This week the film companies have stepped up their efforts by looking for a man and a company connected to the VPN provider “LiquidVPN”.

Film companies are suing VPN providers

Technically speaking, VPNs are neutral services, similar to normal ISPs. In most cases it means that they are not responsible for the activities of their users. However, the movie companies argue that this logic doesn’t apply to LiquidVPN.

The complaint lists Michigan-based David Cox and his company SMR Hosting as defendants. They reportedly operated LiquidVPN until early 2019, after which it was sold to Puerto Rican company 1701 Management.

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