A new security standard for IoT devices (Internet of Things) has been developed by the FIDO Alliance. The open industry association said the move will help address the security, cost and complexity issues associated with deploying IoT devices on a large scale, unlocking the potential of IoT technology for industrial use.

The standard, known as the FDO protocol (FIDO Device Onboard), uses asymmetric public key cryptography to enable the industrial IoT industry to quickly and securely integrate any device into a device management system. The automated process eliminates the need for lengthy and technical installations, while the “untrustworthy installer” approach means that installers do not need sensitive infrastructure / access control information to add a device to a network.

The initiative was developed by FIDO’s IoT Technical Working Group, led by Intel and Qualcomm staff with input from Google, Microsoft, AWS and ARM.

The new protocol that is open and free for …

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