Fedora 37 appears to be improving its cloud position as an official release


Approved by the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee this week, the Fedora Cloud Base is listed as an official Fedora edition.

The change, spearheaded by the Fedora Cloud Special Interest Group and Amazon AWS engineer/Fedora contributor David Duncan, brings Fedora Cloud Base back into an official Fedora edition.

Cloud should be listed on getfedora.org with Workstation, Server and IoT. The petition to reintroduce Cloud Base as an official edition is based on the clear identification of unique environmental support needs for private hyperscaler and public cloud environments that are not specifically addressed by other editions.

The cloud base as an edition is plastic enough to fit the different virtual environments in which it can run. Much work has been explored and written here to find that next level. In years past we had many multi-cloud ambitions that couldn’t be met, but now they can be…

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