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The February 2021 Android security patch is here! If you have a current Google Pixel smartphone, you can now run a software update check in system settings to get it. You can also update manually or just wait for the OTA notification.

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However, according to the February 2021 Android Security Patch Bulletin, there isn’t much in this update. Over on the Pixel Phone help page, Google listed all of the changes, of which there are only two:

February 2021 Android Security Patch Changelog

If you’re upset that the February 2021 Android security patch is a little anemic, just look forward to next month. Assuming Google adheres to its usual schedule, there should be a feature dip in March that would likely bring a slew of extras.

If you don’t want to wait for the OTA warning on your Pixel phone, you can always update manually. To download the factory image or OTA, click …

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