All VPNs are not created equal. Some, like the dozen of free services, are lightweight, scaled-down premium versions with full functionality VPN Products. There are a number of good reasons to avoid free VPNs, and even some premium VPNs don’t come with the extra security features to block online ads and provide extra web security. Some won’t connect to overseas online entertainment providers like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

Features of VPN for multiple devices

Likewise, many premium VPNs work on a variety of platforms – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. – but may not offer the same security features for Mac users.

In addition, some VPN providers only allow a limited number (usually 5) of simultaneous connections across multiple user devices. Others allow unlimited connections. Many will not work with it Smart TVs or on game consoles. Those that require special settings like installing the VPN on the user’s router.

7 features to look for in one …

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