A leading US communications regulator wants to officially designate DJI – China’s largest commercial drone manufacturer – as a national security threat.

Why it matters: The action by Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr is the latest political escalation against a major Chinese technology company. “We don’t need an Airborne version of Huawei,” Carr said in a statement, referring to the Chinese telecommunications company, which was included in the FCC’s Covered List in 2019.

  • Axios recently reported that DJI had sold dozens of drones to U.S. law enforcement agencies despite being classified as a potential national security threat by the Pentagon.

What’s up: Carr announced on Tuesday that it would add DJI to the Covered List, which would prevent him from receiving any funds from the Commission’s Universal Services Fund.

  • US companies use money from the fund to subsidize telecommunications infrastructure.
  • It is not clear that a ban would have a large practical impact on DJI’s business. But the FCC is also considering a rule …


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